Reiki is an ancient practice that uses

“Universal Life Force Energy”

Reiki is guided by the Higher Intelligence that sustains and balances all life on this planet. It has its own intelligence
understanding the cause of problems and the necessary healing for them. The Reiki energy does heal and balance all aspects of
a person’s mind, body, emotions and spirit.

It is very easy to learn, simple to use and can benefit everyone.

How Reiki works?

The Reiki practitioner places his/her hands above the person’s energy centers, the energy then be­gins to flow,
accelerating the body’s own natural healing ability. The healing energy has an own intelligence knowing where to go and how to heal.
It never does any harm.
The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the healing energy.
Reiki promotes deep relaxation and releases blockages within the physical, mental, emotional bodies.
Releasing the tension and blockages allows the natural flow of energy to pass through the body, releasing toxins and waste products.
Once the blockages are removed, the person can receive and store more energy which improves the wellbeing and quality of life.
You will feel energized, relaxed and centered.

My Reiki Master qualification

I discovered Reiki in 2002. It was love at first touch. Nothing and no one else could cut through my soul and heart like this subtle life force energy. It was Reiki to peel off my dark layers on by one. It was Reiki to make me feel my true self. It is Reiki to silence my mind and soothes my soul.
I’m sure if it works for me, it will work for you, too.
My fascination about Reiki led me to different Reiki Masters to draw on the experiences from various traditions or “lin­eages” over the world, to find the most effective techniques and answers. I’m initiated as Reiki Master in the traditional Japa­nese, the Tibetan and the Vedic system of Reiki teachings. I feel it is important to see and compare the different perspectives in order to reach and clearly see the core and essence of it.
I teach classes in Europe and Asia and have initiated more than 100 people into that ancient healing technique. I love to pass on the knowledge to anyone who wants to learn sincerely and is ready to explore a further dimension in life.

Reiki healing benefits

Increases inner peace & mental clarity
Promotes personal growth & emotional stability
Brings calmness and a state of deep relaxation
  Relaxes the body and reduces stress, tension, anxiety
  Provides relief from acute or chronic pain
  Combats depression, insomnia and fear-based illnesses
  Complements medical  treatment
Promotes creativity
Increases vitality & energy levels
Boosts and strengthens the immune system
Enhances personal awareness
Releases blocked and suppressed feelings

Distance Reiki

Reiki is energy healing technique. Since energy is not bound by space and time, a distant reiki healing session is just as powerful as an in person reiki session. Being able to share reiki regardless of our physical location is an amazing way of connecting, sharing and healing wherever we may be in the world.
Before a distant reiki session we will connect via Zoom or email to discuss the process in detail.
During the distant reiki session it is not necessary to be connected in a digital way. You will  be either sitting or lying down in a comfortable, undisturbed place. You may feel sensations such as temperature change, waves through the body, tingling,  very deep relaxation, you may see images or receive messages, or you may feel nothing at all.
Every person has a different experience during reiki and no two sessions are ever the same.
After the reiki session we’ll discuss your experience.

Book Your
Distance or In Person Reiki

Distance, via Zoom, or in person Reiki sessions if you stay in Bonn and Cologne area in Germany.
Every appointment includes Reiki on location or distance Reiki with a short discussion in the beginning and the end of the session to gain rapport.


1 Session, 60min – 60 €

3 Sessions Pack – 170 €

5 Sessions Pack – 280 €

Get in touch to schedule an appointment and start your transformation.
Would love to tap the life force energy with you!